The Organisers

Details below for the four Record Fair organisers that currently make up Record Fairs United.

Real Cool Fairs

We organise many fairs throughout Ireland. You can contact us via:

Facebook: Real Cool Fairs
Telephone: 086 4419538
Instagram: realcoolfairs

Limericks Record Fairs

Based in Limerick, We organise Munster’s biggest fair in Limerick five times a year as well as Clonmel, Portlaiose and Ennis. You can contact us via:

Facebook: Limericks Record Fairs
Telephone: 086 1247928

Dublin City Music Fair

Based in Dublin, we are a group of hobby sellers that organise the Dublin City Record Fair. You can contact us via:

Facebook: Dublin City Music Fair
Instagram: dublincitymusicfair

Rebel County Records

Based in West Cork we currently organise the Cork Record Fair. In the past we have organised events in West Cork and Killarney and regularly have a stall at the Skibbereen Market on a Saturday. You can contact us via:

Facebook: Rebel County Records
Telephone: 083 1738567

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